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Can you help me troubleshoot this ?


Hello everyone this is my first post here (Maybe first time using a forum), So anyways i am not sure if this is the right thread but it's mixed questions so i thought i'd throw it here .

So the first question is:- I've went through the STEP mods, all of them.. and i've installed all the core mods, but the thing is.. i also liked some of the Extended Mods, so i downloaded some of them, but not all of them . So my questions is which one "STEP Patches" Should i use ?

Second Question:- After i decided to use the Extended patch version from the STEP Patches, then i went to install Dual Sheath redux, i faced a problem while using the patcher, where he couldn't find masters from STEP patch, Which was Naturally since i didn't use all of the Extended Mods.
So my question is.. Should i install the "STEP Core Patch" and Patch it with dual sheath, and if i did  that what should i do about the patches to those other Extended mods i've installed ?

Third Question:- before Discovering STEP, i had many of the MODS that were in it, but i used NMM to install those.
Should i Switch to MO Now ? and would it make a diffrence ?
N.B I've Noticed that most of the things you can do without MO, i think MO is just a program to put in all the programs in one pack so you can easily and quickly use all the utilities (I.E LOOT, Patch) and such that i can use those without MO.

I'd appreciate all the help so i can play a new save game, i decided to play a new character after going through all those MODS and installing them, which really made a diffrence.

P.S I'd Reaaaallllyyy want to thank all those who contributed to this project, i mean ... i got tired only downloading the mods and installing them, i can't imagine the amount of hours you spent to make this project!

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