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New to STEP and have a question.


Im sorry if this post is in the wrong section.


I didnt feel it was troubleshooting per-say but trying to avoid needing it later.


Looking at the end of getting STEP installed, I see the STEP core patch in the list. Curiosity getting the better of me I read into it a bit and look at the installation guides. In the instructions it explicitly states several times that one needs to have ALL the mods installed for the patch to work.


As I was going through the list during my install process there were a few dead links to mods removed from nexus, and also one that I didnt want to install.


Not knowing this may screw me in the end I kept going, and as a new-ish modder(modded in the past but never in depth enough to have a list like this working) I had no foresight that this may be a problem.


this is a list of those mods


Skill Interface


Telvani Reborn


Unknown Enchants


Main Menu Spinning Emblem


Point the Way



Will missing these mods screw up the Core patch as found in STEP Patches?


Being new to really in depth modding this has me frightened that I may have spent countless futile hours with a reinstall of everything looming on the horizon.


Thanks in advance.


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No none of those should interfere with the patches. Point the Way and Main Menu Spinning Emblem are working links however so I assume you just don't want them.

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