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Another Naked NPC - Witch and Flame Atronach encounter


I am investigating another naked NPC caused by a levelled list conflict.


World Encounter : A dead Witch and a nearby Flame Atronach.


NPC : Witch

Race : Female Breton

Equipment : Black Boots, Black Cowl, Cloak - Black Linen, Hooded Black Mage Robes, Iron Dagger.


She was wearing everything except the Hooded Black Mage Robes because the Black Cowl conflicted with that equipment slot. She looked like Little Red Riding Hood's *very* naughty sister.


I have had a look at the NPC_ entries for "Witch" and none fit her race/sex combo. I will investigate further to see which levelled list she is being generated from and thereby which levelled equipment list is being used to dress her.


My level at the time was 5.

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OK, making the assumption that she is a vanilla encounter, I have drilled down as follows...


Quest - 0009F337 - Atronach Mis-summoned





00074F77 - EncWitchFire01BretonF

00044CD5 - WarlockOutfitLeveled


This list is affected by Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp, Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade and Cloaks.esp.


Cloaks.esp wins with...


ARMO:000C5D12 ClothesWarlockBoots

LVLI:00105EF9 LItemWarlockRobes

LVLI:01AF0281 LItemVampireHoodsEnch50_KRY

LVLI:500454E1 1Dr_BAIN_NecromancerList_CCO

LVLI:51000D6C LItemCloakEnch


50 is CCOR, 51 is Cloaks.esp.


I don't really know how Bash Tags will affect this but hope that someone could look at those Levelled Lists and make some suggestions.

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 [00] Skyrim.esm \ Leveled Item \ 00105EF9 ... OBIS adds hooded robes but SR CR should have taken care of that. Is your bashed patch putting them back in? Make sure your SR CR tags are set.

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Aha - that was what was missing - I had no Bash tags on the CR patch at all.


No more nekkid witches... *sigh*

It has happened to us all at one time or another I'm sure. :) I haven't seen a naked NPC for a long while now.

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