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animation/weapon storage mismatch

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I have been following the skyrim legendary installation and I am having a problem with the weapon storage location for NPCs. FYI : I am using Groovtama's XPMS Extended  v2.33.


I want the 1-handed sword and shield stored on the back and the animations to match. For my character, everything is prefect. However the NPCs store the shield on their backs, but their swords go to their hip. The draw animation for both sword and shield are as if both are stored on their backs.


I did notice an entry in the forums which refers to this issue ( https://forum.step-project.com/topic/6565-xp32-maximum-skeleton/ ). Is this still true  or am I doing something wrong?

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The new version suffers from this issue yes. Read known issues at bottom of the guide. You can fix followers but not all npcs.

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