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Replacer Patch Central (by fireundubh)

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Replacer Patch Central is where you'll find my plugins that replace things with other things to extend the functionality of a variety of mods across the wasteland.
Please post your requests in this thread or the comments. Thank you!


Alternative Repairing (by slippyguy) is required for these replacer patches:

Alternative Repairing replaces static vehicles and welding guns with its own activators. Any mod that adds vehicles or welding guns around the wasteland will need a patch. These patches extend that aspect of Alternative Repairing to the aforementioned mods. If you intend to use all of these patches, merging these plugins is recommended to keep your load order below the plugin limit.

Note: My Lonesome Road patch has the same file name as the Lonesome Road plugin that can be installed with the Alternative Repairing FOMOD. If you use that plugin instead of Alternative Repairing - Ultimate Edition, rename my LR patch so there's no file name conflict.


CAM - Chems, Alcohol, and Meds (by senterpat) is required for these replacer patches:

CAM - Chems, Alcohol, and Meds replaces a number of static items, including alcohol stills, chemistry sets, and fungi, with its own activators. There is no need for a core patch as CAM appears to have replaced all of the appropriate vanilla statics. However, any mod that adds those static objects will need a patch. These patches replace the aforementioned statics with their activator counterparts. If you intend to use all of these patches, merging these plugins is recommended to keep your load order below the plugin limit.


Throwable Baseballs (by KangarooSwag) is required for these replacer patches:

  • Vanilla/Core (adds 57 weaponized baseballs)
  • Old World Blues and Lonesome Road DLC (adds 6 weaponized baseballs)

Throwable Baseballs creates a weaponized version of the baseball miscellaneous item. None of the baseball miscellaneous items were replaced, so you can find them still, and the weaponized version was not added to any leveled lists. These patches replace the baseball miscellaneous items with the weaponized version. If you intend to use all of these patches, merging these plugins is recommended to keep your load order below the plugin limit.



@fireundubh has once again released his mods for the public, but not through Nexus.

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