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My Benchmark Results. Skyrim 4k, X99 Platform


Thought I'd share my benchmark results from skyrim performance monitor. Though the software is lacking and I'd like to use AfterBurner instead but cant with ENB. 

i7 5930K 4,7GHZ
DDR 4 3000HZ 16GB
SSD Raid 0 3xSamsung evo 840. 

Skyrim Setup: 
RealVision ENB 
STEP Core + Extended + a few other texture mods
Climates of Tamriel 

Ugrid 7


Game ctd once in the middle and once at the end when the test ended. 
Ran from the exit of helgen cave almost down to Giant that attacks the Companions
Ran a lot longer than I'd expect it to with this settings and such high ram usage. 

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5.5gb VRAM use, sweet :P


What kind of FPS do you get? It doesn't show in the graph (probably cause you had to turn experimental/safe mode on in SPM). 

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I dont know what Experimental Safe mode is :P 
So no to that... 

Fps not playable by far, around 26 fps 20 min 30 max. 

I thought the game would crash once its reached 3,1 GB ram usage. I played with 3.6-7. 


This was my first run after installing 224 esp's and I'm surprised that it went so well :) 
Got loads of tweaking to do, but still I dont think I will be able to play Skyrim at 3840x2160 :( 
I'll change to ugrids 5 and see how stable it comes but I think Ill lower the resolution before lowering view distances etc . 


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After some more tweaking. 
I played for about 20 min before CTD :) 
Im amazed by the utilization of my cpu, its a lot better than what I'd expect. 
With same enb settings except for DOF I'v now come close to avrg 35 FPS. 


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