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What esp's do you merge? (Compatible Merges)

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Hopefully this can help those reaching the 255 esp limit. Between SR:LE, REGS, Perma, and the million other great mods, hitting a 255 cap is fairly easy. Obviously SR:LE has a few great merges that saves room and are safe to use that I won't mention here. I've found a few more that can hopefully help those in need. Load order becomes a bit of an issue when changing the name of the esp's you merge but as a rule of thumb I run BOSS or LOOT with the un-merged esp's and then place the merged esp's in the same "priority" spot as the first esp on the right side panel of MO. I then place the original esp's in the "optional esps" tab. I also place the new Merged esp in its own folder on the left side of MO. So here are some of my finds. Don't forget, the new Merged Scripts in tes5edit gives you a color code and a litttle info about if it's mergable which you can update in your "Edit Scripts/mp" folder. Just run the jar.



Moss Rocks.esp

Moss Rocks-DB.esp







(could put eyes esp's, but I don't use any)










(did not try exteriors yet)



Use JK's Skyrim instead of all the seperate ones in REGS. That means no Dawn of Riften unfortunatly.



SkyFalls + SkyMills + DG + DB + FS + WT.esp

SkyFalls DB + FS Small Waterfalls.esp




SDO Full-LOD - Giant Campfires.esp

SDO Full-LOD - The Morthal Swamp Complete.esp

SDO Full-LOD - Whiterun Trundra Creeks.esp




Atlas Legendary.esp

Atlas Compass Tweaks.esp


There are others, but that's a good start. Cstarkey42's guide is helpful as well, though I don't understand his Mega Patches and it has not been updated in a while. I'm by no means a pro, and I've yet to try the Perma patches. But this is a good start. Hopefully others can add to the list with merges that have worked for them. Thanks all!

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This looks like a great place to ask the question rather than starting a new thread...as it deals with merging esp's. Please take into account I am relatively new to this, though learning a lot...


This is my question... though I am not in danger of the 255 limit atm. I want to add several UNP armor mods (like tembtra, sottetta, merida, zzjays wardrobe, northgirl, ec mashup - should be mergable?) as well as some standalone companions (like vilja, inigo, hoth, bjinn warmaidens), and a house or two (Khune, Leaf Rest).


What is the recommended method for

1: merging armor mods, and

2: integrating them into the existing SRLE lineup (what is sequence of patching/bashing, relev/delev'ing, SUMming and all so the standing works are stable).


I would like to know the proper order for this prior to considering PerMa.


If there is a tutorial/thread, I would greatly appreciate the point in the right direction. Thanks!

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Redo it in the exact same fashion as STEP suggests.

IE add bash tags where needed,

FNIS if you need to,

do or redo the bashed patch,

and then any dynamically added esps, like the mods done by SUM, or if you're not using SUM and run them all stand alone, each one in turn, but always do Dual Sheath Redux LAST (EVEN after Perma/Pama). 


That's how I always do it and have yet to find an issue.

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Ok, had to take a couple days break... work cutting into my modding time. ;]  Thanks for the read below. Finished my 3rd run through of the install... only took about 8 hours on and off... MUCH smoother on this run. Actually getting to know the programs a bit.


Nozz, thanks for the tips.. let me see if I got this right.. here is where I am at...

1. stable SRLE up and running

2. add in personal esp desires (for example: Ningheim race, multi floor sandbox, sexy walk animation, birds of skyrim, dogs of skyrim, freckle mania and a couple others, 15X UNP armor mods, 2 x house mods, some followers: Vilja, Inigo, Bjinn Warmaidens and a couple eyecandies)



sort with boss (as normal)

run FNIS for animations

load tes5 and merge 15x armor mods (per previous instructions like the CoT merge, uncheck masters, activate one esp)

load wryebash, rebuild bash patch (clean out overwrite)

run SUM for ASIS and Dual Sheath (overwrite again?)


Q1: Did I get this correct?


Q2: Do I need to bash tag (DELEV/RELEV) the armor mods individually/at all/only the merged esp?? ( I need to go read on this as to WHY I bash tag stuff... missed this somewhere in the tutorials).


Q3: I think I may need to do conflict resolution between FNIS and merging... can I incorporate those in the SR patch or should I make my own for the mods I added? (My spidey sense tells me make a separate conflict resolution patch to keep messing up to a minimum... then add a "load after" rule load this after SR?


Q4: When I run SUM, both ASIS and Dual Sheath come up together. I have ran them together, Dual runs last in the order, both dump to overwrite. Can I do this, or should I run them in separate instances of the SUM patcher?


Thanks for all the support and answers... I loaded the game for a test character in Riverwood... OMG it is beautiful.... the lights, textures... amazing!

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Q1-probably but too tired to give a well thought out answer. I would recommend manually merging your armors, maybe then try the auto feature and see if you get the same result. If not I'm not sure I would merge them at all.

Q2-probably only the merged esp, then run bashed patch again

Note that some simple armor ESPs will auto merge into the bashed patch. Ones to add tall boots usually do for example.

Q3-probably do conflict resolution after merging so you have the right masters. Definitely make a new patch after SR patch. You will want to be able to update the SR patch without touching yours. You may also need to carry over SR nodes into yours when you resolve conflicts between the SR patch and your new mods.

Q4-I run them together - I don't merge the two of them though.

It is very pretty.

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Yes you can run them together. Then move the ESPs to the relevant output folders. (I actually do those two plus Perma via SUM at once) If you want to, move the documentation as well. Up to you.

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Yes you can run them together. Then move the ESPs to the relevant output folders. (I actually do those two plus Perma via SUM at once) If you want to, move the documentation as well. Up to you.


Ummmm.... move esp to relevant output folder.... I usually just right click the overwrite folder and select "create mod".


Please explain what you are referring to?

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That'll work, but when you essentially have multiple proccer outputs in the overwrite at one time, if you just click create mod on the overwrite you'll throw the whole lot into one folder.


So what I usually do is make separate folder in MO's mods folder and just move the esps and associated docs by hand after a SUM run. 


SUM Output, DSR output, ASIS output, PerkusMaximus etc. would be the folder names. 

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Ok, forgive me being dense... maybe I need more coffee...


This is what the end of my load order looks like.


Are you meaning to move items into the data folder ... or in explorer... I am confused... which is part of why I am asking this here ;]


Thanks for the help.



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It may pay you to read the wiki about this, specifically the section that deals with the 'Overwrite'.


What @Nozzer66 is outlining here is a routine to keep the 'overwrite' clear of the files/folders that get gemerated after using those patchers.


So in the left-hand pane there could be some new mods made by you to handle: SUM, DSR, ASIS, PerMa, FNIS or any other mod you like.

Whenever you use those tools the 'overwrite' folder will contain some files that can be moved, drag/dropped, into those mods.

So you run ASIS and some files/folders end up in the 'overwrite' folder. Double-click that folder in the left-hand pane to open its window. Select the files that need to be moved and drag/drop them onto the mod in the left-hand pane for ASIS.

Repeat this for all the other patchers.


This is necessary since every file in the 'overwrite' folder will ALWAYS win in a conflict and this will throw out your order if they aren't cared for.

Although there are some in STEP that don't always follow this rule, you should always keep the 'overwrite' clear.


What @Nozzer66 outlines is a good routine to get in the habit of following.

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I have no idea how I missed this in the setup process and my digging around in the forum.... thanks VERY much for the link.

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