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Bashed Patch not Appearing in Overwrite


So on the advice of one of my husband's friends, I decided to completely clean-install skyrim and try out STEP and all of its reccomended and wonderful mods. I was using the Steam Workshop, but deleted absolutely everything, backed up my most favoritest characters and proceeded to spend quite a few hours trying to get everything together according to the step-by-step.

The first Bashed Patch that I insalled appeared in overwrite, and I made it into its own mod. However, every time since then that I've modified load order with LOOT (only started this a couple of days ago, still trying to work out some minor kinks) and rebuilt the batched patch in Wrye Bash...it doesn't appear in overwrite, even though I launch Wrye Bash from Mod Organizer, it succesfully rebuilds the patch and it reads as active in Wrye Bash with all the other mods that it sees were installed through Mod Organizer, but it just doesn't find its way into the overwrite folder.

I'm very new at all of this, I've never modded in this intricate a way...

So far the game and new khajitt character I made seem to be running very smoothly, so no real problems there. I haven't had any CTD or anythign like that...I just want to make sure that I can redo the Bashed patch as I download new mods.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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It appears that the functionality is a little quirky, but nonetheless understandable.


Doing a couple of quick tests seems to indicate that if your previous Bashed Patch is enabled/activated before you run Wrye Bash and rebuild it then the resultant patch is placed into the previously created mod overwriting the bashed patch,0.esp.

If you have disabled/deactivated the Bashed Patch before rebuilding it then a new patch is placed inside the Overwrite folder and you will need to move it to the previously created mod, overwriting the current patch.


Mostly likely this is because only enabled/activated mods exist inside the VFS that MO employs and therefore Wrye Bash, which is being run inside that VFS will not be able to replace that file if it isn't there. MO will therefore place it in the Overwrite folder.


I've added some text to the wiki to hopefully make this more clear.


Oh, welcome to STEP. ::):

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