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New STEP user - no DLC




I would like to use STEP to get the most I can out of Skyrim, but I don't have any DLC. Is it still possible to follow the STEP guide?


I'm happy to go without the mods that require DLC, but I'm just worried about the STEP patch towards the end of the project.





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You can follow the Guide and adjust the instructions and mods according to the DLCs you have or don't have; however, you will not be able to use the STEP Patches.

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Thanks for the reply TechAngel, just wondering do you know what I'd be missing out on by not getting the STEP patches? 

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    • By theblackman
      Since the 'accepted wisdom' of cleaning the Skyrim SE DLC .esms + Update.esm has moved back to not cleaning them, should the guide be updated to reflect this?
      I had a look for any previous discussion about this but I couldn't find anything.
      At the moment, most modding guides still recommend cleaning them although very few state why.
      By contrast many mod authors either don't see any benefit in cleaning them or recommend not cleaning them, including those at the pointier end of providing support.
      This isn't a thread for discussing the technical issues of cleaning the .esms, rather to address the following:
      1. Whether STEP should still recommend cleaning the .esms
      2. Whether it should be discretionary
      3. If certain components of the guide rely on the .esms being cleaned then of course that answers both questions above. But if that is the case, and we agree that cleaning them is unnecessary, then perhaps future versions of the guide could be reconfigured based on this.
      I've cleaned the esms both times I've done a STEP install and I never experienced a problem.  However, I didn't have a lot of mods installed on top of STEP.  Some people do experience problems as a result of cleaning them.
      Related note, just FYI: the 'accepted wisdom' also applies to the other Bethesda games' DLC, with the exception of TES IV: Oblivion as those are .esps
    • By wimpymilkdrinker
      Yes or No? Some guides I've been reading say to do it. Yet some people say not to do it or the game will break. 
    • By EssArrBee
      Discussion thread:
      Hearthfire Extended by Kinaga
      Wiki Link

      This mod looks great. Very lore-friendly as well.
      Adds a bunch of additional items for you to craft for your hearthfire home. Stuff like beehives, a windmills, a well, butter churn, and more.
      Hearthfire was pretty lackluster, so something that can make it better is a godsend. This may even be STEP Extended territory if it doesn't go over the top.
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