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Dynamic Map (by TheNiceOne)

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Dynamic Map is a little more than a simple map replacer. The interface for the is redone so that the

Dynamic Map is also esp/esm aware meaning that if there is a patch for a mod then the map edit will be shown ingame.

Maps can be created for all worldspaces independently.


Many aspects of these mod can be configured with the ini


The included map styles are 

  1. Elven Map
  2. Terrain Map
  3. Color Map
  4. Tamriel Heightmaps




This mod is already included in Mythic Dawn: Gateway to Oblivion WIP

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I had a problem with cyrodiil map not appearing in my Hud, because of the high textures I'm using, this mod solved it.
Some maps used by this mod are outdated, for exemple Roads of Cyrodiil replace the old west roads and road and bridges; some tweaks are given here by Arthmoor. One can also use WR+RB map in Ferrabit Elven Compilation 1.

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When I was poking get around with mtc villages there was something on that a certain wold space record causes some sort of black map bug...


Maybe it's a thing from one of the other mods in your load order

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