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Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v4 (by Gruftikus and Lightwave)

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Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v4 is used to generate landscape LOD meshes.

Tes4ll has also absorbed TES4qLOD and is included in Tes4ll. 


This utility is pretty large and there is a lot to say about what it can do.
There are two ways of using this utility and they are:

  • Bat-file
    • There are files that when run, they will generate the LOD meshes.
    • Here are the options
      • tes4ll_ultimate.bat
      • tes4ll_tes4qlod.bat
      • tes4ll_normalmaps.bat
      • tes4ll_midres.bat
      • tes4ll_highres.bat
      • tes4ll_DibellasWatch_ultimate.bat


  • GUI by running tes4ll_all.mpb located in <Oblivion>\Data\ini\tes4ll
  • The GUI is fully featured and requires Multi Purpose GUI by Gruftikus
    • Can generate LOD meshes for any worldspace
    • Pick LOD mesh resolution to generate as well as other options
      • Mid resolution
      • High resolution
      • Ultimate resolution
    • Normal map resolution as well as fake shadows
      • 1024x1024
      • 2048x2048
      • 4096x4096
    • Color maps resolution
      • It is recommended to stick with 1024x1024 because of the pixelation on the landscape
    • Create a full map
    • Plus a lot more...

This mod is already included in Mythic Dawn: Gateway to Oblivion WIP

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tes4ll is updated with a complete rewrite, faster generation, and no longer needs a dds converter.

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I have a question.In the plugins.txt i see that the merged plugins are not ticked by default and also the bashed patch is not ticked and says <do not use>.

Is it normal or should i tick all the plugins?

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I know everyone is focused on FO4 at the moment, but tes4ll just hit beta for FNV (with FO3 coming) on the github page.  Here's a screenshot of it:


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Gruftikus just uploaded tes4ll beta for FNV on the nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/61035/?


It does take into account texture mods as well as load order into account as with Oblivion.


Current limitations:

  • Can only do square worldspaces currently (GECK shares the same limitation I believe)
  • Does not remove Terrain LOD under water LOD.  GECK currently does this. Oblivion used a different system for water LOD, so the FO3/FNV one is not finished.
  • Slightly more performance intensive than Oblivion version due to changes.

It has only been extensively tested on the Mojave (WastelandNV) until the above limitations are removed, but it should work with all square worldspaces if setup properly.

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