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Texture Popping - [SOLVED]


I would really appreciate some thoughts and suggestions with this issue.


As the various issues with my skyrim setup have been every so slowly ironed out for 1.6, i can focus a little on an issue that has been bugging me for quite some time.


The dreaded texture pop!


I understand that this is an engine issue, but with vanilla skyrim its much less apparent and abrupt. It was also evident in oblivion, but by the time i modded oblivion, the mod scene was 5 years old. With all the optimizes and patches, this issue never happened with a fully modded oblivion.


Im using the term texture pop quit generically. The actual issue relates to several types of pop in. These are mainly related to exterior environments. Its totally immersion breaking to see a plain vista, move a few meters and then suddenly see many LOD to normal objects change, objects such as npcs and monsters, and grass to just massively pop in all at once.


I have;


1. Grass pop

  •  grass ini tweaks, such as increasing the amount of grass rendered does work but it still pops in. With an increased grass draw distance, there is just more grass that pops in.
2. Tree LOD to normal pop

  • Again, ini tweaks regarding trees does not seem to change this much. I can increase the draw distance that normal trees are rendered, but i still get a massive pop in from LOD to normal when i cross a certain distance.
3. Terrain pop

  • Terrain detail such as rocks, waterfalls, etc. This has been mitigated by some mods, but is still apparent, especially LOD to normal transition.
4. NPC/ Monster pop

  • This is the least evident, mostly because these things do not take up much of the vista. But sometimes is still noticeable.
5. Decal pop

  • Certain decals, like moss on ruins walls, also pop in, and are more delayed than the above ones. Still, its not so bad since they are again a small part of the environment.

I would not be asking for help if it was not so bad. Its bad on open plains, and its bad in forest, etc. Major eyesores are the terrain, grass, and tree pop in. Every thing just pops in at a certain point, usually when im half way across what is rendered using ugrids 5.


Fixes i have tried;

1. Moved skyrim to an SSD drive - didnt help at all.

2. Various ini tweaks regarding draw distance for certain things. A lot is already covered in the z-fighting fix tweaks. Other tweaks like LODmeshes had no effect.

3. Mods - these help by allowing me to see more lod terrain in the distance, but the transition pop is still as evident.

4. Removing Hi-Res DLC - actually helped a bit. No idea why, removing other large texture packs didnt reduce the issue as much as removing the DLC did.

5. Texture optimization using latest DDSOpt pre-III - did not help, but helped in ensuring i stay well clear of my vram limit, which allows me to eliminate that as the problem.

6. Various tools such as CleanMem, Gamebooster, FPS Booster, CCleaner, etc. Nothing either.


Fixes I have not tried;

1. uGrids 7 - This would work. I know it works with my setup, but its just causes too many stability issues.

2. Rolling back to a nvidia driver earlier than the last 2xx version. Currently using latest stable release 301. Beta drivers higher than that did not seem to make a difference.


Thats about it. Has anybody experienced this problem? It would be fine if things were rendered gradually, but the pop in so immersion breaking it drives me crazy. If you know a fix, even a partial one, I would be super happy to hear it :) Thanks!


Computer Specs:

CPU: i5 2400 3.1GHz

GPU: gfx 560 Ti 2GB



OS: Win7 64bit

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Perhaps this is what he is referring to as Texture Popping? I consider this one of my pet peeves with Skyrim as it occurs so close to the player.

Just toggle between the two pictures and that is literally how it looks in game...


Posted Image Posted Image


This is base SRO only, not a full STEP install with default Ultra INI files. Note that it is only the wall in the center of the frame that has the issue, the other foliage on the walls don't have it...

This happens on a variety of textures, but figured I'd point this one out as blatantly obvious.

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Are you looking at a particular area to test? If so what is it? I'll check it out at home and see if I get the same thing.


Happens in all exteriors. My go to place to see if i have reduced/ fixed the issue is the plains around whiterun, but its essentially everywhere.


It just seems very weird that you are the only one seeing this issue, perhaps you've made some customization to your driver config? Have you tried starting a new game?


Hehe, I dont have a main save at all, havnt actually played since patch 1.3. Just constantly testing with throwaway characters. So yep, new game and all! Good point about driver customization. I have changed some settings using Nvidia Inspector. I will try with default there.


Perhaps this is what he is referring to as Texture Popping?


Partially. This is one of the "types" of texture popping i get. I refer to it as decal popping, although thats probably wrong terminology. Most obvious is moss on walls of ruins, just as you have Neovalen. I have to get really really close before it all magically pops in.


I think I will make a quick fraps movie and post on youtube when im off work. So you guys can get a clear picture :)

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I have the same issue, most noticeable around the plains of whiterun but also around riften when going through the trees. Although I have not optimised my textures so that could be due to mipmaps etc.


I experience all 4 types of popping MW listed in exteriors. Ugrids 7 helped but I went back to ugrids 5 a while back. Although I haven't actually played for the past month!

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I'm not sure this can even be fixed for awhile with the current resources modders have. Maybe down the road... It bothers me too, though depth of field helps a lot. (unfortunately DoF gives me eyestrain)

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I am also having this problem, but the my issue is mainly the moss on the ruin walls and such.


It really is immersion breaking and makes me stop playing to find a solution to this problem


If anyone out there has found a solution to this, I will be incredibly indebted to you .

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Unfortunately, I'm going to have to concur with the consensus here, regarding the 'moss-on-the-wall' popup. I've tried and tried to fix it, but to no avail.


I've had the same problem with Vanilla Skyrim and modded-out Skyrim. I've seen the same problem on the XBox version as well.


If I had to make a guess, I would say it's another one of those "hardcoded" performance optimization tailored for console versions. And in typical Bugthesda fashion, they forgot to anchor these special class of textures to any .ini settings. I don't think this is fixable without actually going in and modifying the textures. As mentioned by someone else, it's probably a mipmap issue. The likely reason why it's so much more noticeable on modded Skyrims is that color contrast tends to be much higher and so the moss doesn't blend in as well.


I find it hard to believe no one has taken the time to fix this one troublesome texture! Hell, I'd rather have no moss than the moss popup. Maybe someone could replace the moss texture with an invisible one?

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this thread is a bit old and you may already know about these, but here's some fixes for the decal popin


https://sky rim.nexus....com/mods/31982


but i found this thread because i'm desperately lookin for some way to help w/ that mid distance (300 yards-ish) pop-in. it's driving me nuts. i'd been playing w/ ugrids of 7 or 9, but it's impossible to use those if you have mods that spawn stuff like Monster Mod, Immersive Partols, or Skytest. engine just can't handle the added spawns. it would be ideal, if like JudjmentJay said on the 1st page...if we could somehow JUST get distant OBJECTS to load. my main gripes are the large things like big groves of trees, all the detail on a fort or tower pops up in my field of view, ect. like running from Whiterun Stables toward the Lunar Forge. most of that whole huge mountain (detail, shadows) pops in right at about 200yards. i'm on Ultra w/ a great rig.


anyone come up w/ any tweaks or mods? thanks


It'd be nice if there were a way to have higher uGrids for textures/lod only. I guess that's not possible?

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