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Stunning Statues of Skyrim (by AnTiWoMaAgNoT)

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The installer is very versatile. 

There are several options for every statue included texture options and meshes.

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I've looked through a few of his meshes and so far there a few that while with a higher poly count there are much more imperfections that with a simple subsurf level (it has its problems but I mostly use it as a higher res control) as seen here: 


Left is this mods', Right is my control.



I eventually figured out that he pretty much just subdivided the meshes once or twice (the breasts were clearly subsurfed - the rose pattern at the tip) and then fixed some edges either manually or with a smooth modifier, which accounts for both the higher poly count and the imperfections at some of the statues.


Nifskope image is this mods', Blender image is my test after subdividing.




tldr: Bad meshes are bad. While not all have added imperfections (like stretching - no uv unwrapping after meshing is bad) and some even have some smoother surfaces (the clavicus vile statues has slightly smoother horns and scarf) they are simply not better than vanilla imo. Tbh, I guess that's the equivalent to upscaling textures, adding noise and calling it an HD retexture.

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We could just pick the textures we like and call it a day. Skip the meshes until something actually improved comes along.


Okay, I'm hijacking this thread for a moment. If anyone good at fixing meshes will fix the vanilla female body meshes and upload them to nexus as a modders resource, I'll be eternally gratefully! FemFeet compatibility is a must and compatibility with at least one hand mesh replacer would be icing on the cake! I need this for the STEP Female Overhaul.

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You missed the falmer statue when testing this. Here's some screens:

STEP --> Rusty Copper --> Copper --> Copper with pink lamp textures disabled (I guess that an enb does wonders on this light?)



I am voting No for this mod for STEP, after playing with it. It changes the textures, but most don't even look like an improvement IMHO.


See these closeups of the face, for example. The copper version is the 4k texture.

STEP --> Rusty Copper --> Copper


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