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Do I include "Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized" with STEP:Core?


I am not utilizing the full official HRDLC because I only have 1 GB VRAM, so I am using these mods as recommended (mentioned in STEP's "Skyrim Installation Guide"):

"Hybrid (1024 + 2048) + Vanilla NormalMaps: Select "Core files" (selected by default), "Hi-Res Secondary stuff", and "Hybrid + Vanilla NM files". Also install the "Compatible Version" optional."

However, I didn't see whether I leave these mods as separate from STEP:Core or include them in it. Do I activate them before starting my STEP:Core installations of mods?  Any kind of clarification would help and would be much appreciated!

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If you want to strictly follow STEP Core, then they should be installed with the rest as that mod is marked as a Core mod.


Keep in mind that textures are probably the component of STEP that you have the most control over without breaking your setup, though.

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