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1.2.1 Beta: MO won't start after ILS in game


I'm getting a weird one, and trying to narrow it down a little.


What happens is that I get an ILS. Then when I try to restart MO it gives me the splash, but then nothing. The process is running, but I never get a window. I can kill MO and it'll sometimes restart, but I've seen errors accessing parts of the data folder afterwards, and on one occasion the SSD where Skyrim and MO live disappeared entirely. 


Sometimes it takes a cold boot before I can get MO to launch again. Although killing the stalled MO process and then starting Skyrim outside of MO seems to help.


I should add that MO is not the only suspect here. I had a mod loaded that makes a lot of changes to whiterun and kicks off a lot of scripts in the process, to say nothing of Interesting NPCs and EGO (this is a "messing around" game, not a "serious play" game :)).  It's only the filesystem weirdness and the fact that I'm using the MO beta that makes me wonder.


So: anyone had a similar experience?




Probably unrelated, but running Script Scalpel through MO to try and diagnose the issue, I had a problem where SS couldn't find a BSA and crashed. The BSA was there, but MO had unpacked it but wasn't able to remove it for some reason, while SS wanted to read it and couldn't. As I say, probably unrelated, but chimes with "general filesystem strangeness"

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The crash seems to have eaten my update, so briefly: rolling back my "silly" mods and running with a sensible profile didn't clear the problem. Furthermore a similar symptom manifested when I tried to run Bodyslide through MO: I got the logo and an MO process running in the background, but the bodyslide app never launched.


Rolling back to the stable version of MO made the problem go away. The ILS problem seems to have been related to the mods I was running (and in particular some script bloat from one of them) rather than MO.

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