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Problems Setting an FPS Cap in Dxtory


I've long suffered from the micro-stutter/input lag issue. I've been experimenting with many of the various solutions out there. I've tried enabling VSync via the game, graphics card, and enblocal.ini. Each results in varying degrees of input lag and screen tearing. 


The perfect solution I've come up with is enabling VSync in enblocal.ini and limiting my FPS to 60 with Dxtory. The only problem is that running Dxtory will cause Skyrim to CTD when Alt+Tabbing, which I do frequently. I can resolve the issue with ENB's borderless window option, but that kills my performance. 


Any idea on why Dxtory causes this issue? I've tried setting an FPS cap using enblocal.ini and via the nVidia Inspector, but neither of those eliminated input lag like Dxtory did. Is there perhaps other software that uses the same mechanism as Dxtory?

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What model graphics card do you have? If it's a newer model Nvidia desktop GPU then you ought to be capable of running Shadowplay, you'd have to record audio separately of course.

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Sorry for not completely clarifying what I'm trying to do. I'm only trying to set an FPS limit. Dxtory has been the only software thus far that limits my FPS and simultaneously reduces input lag.


FPS Limiter on Nexus, nVidia Inspector, and ENB's FPS limiter did not work for me.


I've figured out that running Dxtory and ENBoost at the same time result in CTDs when you Alt+Tab out of the game. Looks like there's no way around it.

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