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Wrye Bash launched from MO results in corrupted header warning.


Hi everyone,


I'm not entirely sure this is the correct thread to post this in. If it isn't, I apologize. However, according to the Wrye Bash page they don't offer support if Wrye Bash is being used with Mod Organizer which I respect, but because of that I'm not sure where else to go.


This is the only problem, for now, that I'm currently experiencing in an otherwise stable Skyrim setup. When I launch Wrye Bash from Mod Organizer's list of executables Wrye Bash loads up fine as does every mod except for Enhanced Character Edit. At Wrye Bash's start-up, I receive a pop-up warning labeled 'corrupted headers' and in the box is CharacterMakingExtender.esp. It tells me that this mods header is corrupted. And I have absolutely no idea what that means.


Tonight is the first time I've received this error on any Wrye Bash version and with any mod. I haven't changed my ini-tweaks between the time that Wrye Bash would load ECE fine and between it apparently being corrupted. Although my ini-tweaks are essentially vanilla with only a couple very minor tweaks. I began receiving the error with Wrye Bash version 304 and the error still continues when I updated to version 304.3 in an effort to fix this error. 


I have downloaded ECE multiple times tonight to make sure that it downloaded completely and wasn't corrupt. The download itself isn't corrupt. It's fine and Mod Organizer is able to install it without error. The esp shows up fine when launching BOSS and BOSS gives no error or warning with it. 


However, I'm unsure if this is how it's supposed to be, but the ECE folder in MO's virtual directory shows up with only the esp, not the textures, meshes, scripts, or interface folders. And they aren't showing up MO's overwrite folder either. However, the external installer that ECE uses worked flawlessly, let me choose all the options I wanted, and then I received a notification saying the mod was successfully installed. I have the SKSE plugins in the proper folder as well. 


With ECE being marked as corrupt by Wrye Bash the esp doesn't show up in Wrye Bash at all so I'm unable to see any further details about the error aside from it being a corrupted header. I have also goggled this problem and have found a couple threads with people experiencing the same or similar issue, but they either didn't receive any answers or solutions, didn't list the solution they eventually figured out themselves, or the solution was to upgrade to the latest version of Bash which I already did, but to no avail. 


My Skyrim is a legal copy that I bought at Best Buy a long time ago. I have the latest Skyrim patch as well as the latest Unofficial Patches. I have only just started a new game with few mods installed so there are no left behind scripts or bloat. I do use a mostly S.T.E.P build with a couple variations, mainly with armor and weapon mods. 


I'd really appreciate any help or advice that can be given with this as I'm currently unable to play since I can't edit my character. Thank you all in advance. 



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You're using the MO 1.2.0 beta version, which includes a broken version of ncc.

ece didn't install correctly and so wrye bash was correct in reporting an error.

Please apply the ncc downgrade from the MO page on nexus or wait for the update to 1.2.1.

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I took the plugin files and installed them (NOT the entire mod) with MO to check the plugin headers with TES5Edit and Wrye Bash. I didn't see any problems, so the headers should be OK. Make sure you have the current Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable (including the 2012 update) as mentioned on the Nexus page for Wrye Bash.


First, of course, you need to solve the problem of why it didn't install properly. There are some STEP posts about problems with external installers and the recent versions of MO that might help you.

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Thank you both for the replies. I really appreciate it. First, I'll download the NCC downgrade and report back if that fixes the problem. I'm 99% certain that I have the latest version of Microsoft Visual, but I will download that as well to be sure. 


However, with the broken version of ncc likely being the culprit then I have another question, if that's alright. Since the ncc is broken in the latest version then it stands to reason that every single mod I installed with the external installer in the latest version wouldn't have installed properly as well. And yet I only received an error with Extended Character Edit. Does that mean the other mods installed fine despite the ncc being broken or do you recommend reinstalling all the external installer mods with the downgraded ncc just to be on the safe side and avoid a potentially broken game down the line?




I installed the downgraded ncc and was able to install Enhanced Character Edit without an error from either Mod Organizer or Wrye Bash, but now other mods that use the external installer that I was going to reinstall to be sure they installed properly aren't installing at all. With those, I'm getting an error from MO saying the mod was not found. 


I can't say for sure, but it does seem like the only mod that didn't install properly with the broken ncc was Enhanced Character Edit and all the others installed fine such as Realistic Room Rental Enhanced which uses an external installer, appeared to install fine with the broken ncc, and the MCM menu for it shows up fine with all the options intact. There must just be something about ECE that doesn't play well with the broken ncc. 

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