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Problem with HRDLC and DDSopt

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First a big thanks to Neovalen and STEP team for providing excellent tutorials for making Skyrim a much better gaming and visual experience.

Now, I messed up something big with optimizing HRDLC esps. I'm fairly certain that I followed everything to the letter but obviously I wouldn't have a problem if I did everything right. Long story short, with:

*HRDLC1 Optimized*HRDLC2 Optimized*HRDLC3 Optimized

folders in MO, I get CTD from start if I pick Helgen route. Going other route loads the game but it doesn't last for long before it crashes too. With original esps enabled and these folders disabled game works just fine.

I don't wish to go again with optimizing process, so can I use just Hi-Res DLC Optimized from Nexus ? Is it safe to use with recent USKP HighRes patch or should I just stick with original esps ?

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Yes absolutely, there is no problem using the HRDLC

The first goal of the optimization is to save some VRAM for the rest. You can also use this as an alternative, it works really well.

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Yes, the Hires DLC Optimized works but it's goal is VRAM reduction. Do you need this?


If you optimized any resources other than textures (the Skyrim - x.bsa files except for the texture BSA)  the cart ride will crash. Neo's instructions for optimizing the vanilla textures don't include this but I though I'd mention it. I'd also suggest leaving the textures as loose files (I think Neo's instructions suggest this) or at least make sure if they are BSAs that MO is used to extract them.


There is an alternate, but more complex, set of optimization instructions in the DDSopt guide, by the way.

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There is an alternate, but more complex, set of optimization instructions in the DDSopt guide, by the way.

Yes, more complex, and at first, I was reluctant to follow the guide but I can already tell that it was time spent well. A week ago, I had absolutely no idea how DDSopt works and I was grateful that Neo had posted easier to follow instructions. And I still am.


But, skylord, if you start with the Vanilla Guide and follow it through, you get to know the characteristics of the varying texture types and come to understand what settings you need to choose to get the desired result.


When you continue on to mod optimization, the guide is giving you detailed instructions for a handful of mods that present distinct challenges to optimization. And since you will find the same challenges repeated in many other mods, you have accumulated the knowledge to tackle them as well.


It's still trial and error to find the best optimization, and body and face mods seem to be particularly prickly - but the guide gives you the foundation to test specific settings and .. suspect why you screwed up this time.


The team that continually improves the DDSopt Guide deserves a medal.

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