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Multi-Tag Search (with 'AND' functionality)


Under "Advanced Search", there is a multi-tag search form field for searching by multiple tags; however, it uses implicit 'OR' functionality only. There is a request for added functionality withing the Advanced Tags plugin (which we use here).


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I've looked at the advanced search but can't seem to find a way to search for a specific tag. What does work is to select a certain thread with a specific tag and then I get all threads with that specific tag. But this is limited to one tag. I think Z said its not possible to search for a specific tag but just wanted to make sure.

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There is a tag-specific search under the advanced search where you can use a tag list separated by commas; however, it is an implicit 'OR' search with no 'AND' functionality. Better than nothing, but still lacking, IMO. I have a request for better functionality out on the IPB forums.

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