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Mod organizer files and the locations they are stored in


This should be a relatively quick and easy question.


Essentially I have found a folder in c:users*me*skyrimcommonskyrimdata that seems to duplicate many of the BSA and ESP files located at the 'official' mod organizer locations (the ones listed under the MO settings/general tab/advanced section).


For completeness, on my machine, those locations are:

Download directory: C:SteamSteamSteamAppscommonSkyrimMod Organizerdownloads

mod directory: C:SteamSteamSteamAppscommonSkyrimMod Organizermods

Cache directory: C:SteamSteamSteamAppscommonSkyrimMod Organizerwebcache


Now I have some leftover folders from an old skyrim mod setup before I upgraded my hard drive (which I scrapped on upgrading and started from scratch with step) but this folder contains mods I have only download after step, through mod organizer, and contains other esp and BSA files from this older installation..


So my question is, does MO use these files, or am I safe to delete them? (they take up 35 gb on my ssd, nearly doubling my skyrim install size)

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Anything in the downloads folder can be deleted or removed to a HDD after it's been installed i.e. if it's in the mods folder.

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No Idea how that download folder was made but to my knowledge MO's would only possibly do this if you choose to backup replaced Mods eg updating or installing.


Never do that myself as I name with version number which creates new mod.


No other cause I know of.


Now some advice.

Downloads move to HDD as there is no reason to have on SSD.

Change location in the tab that the settings window opens at.


Remove MO from Steam folder again no reason to have it in there.

I use:

D:Mod OrganizerSkyrim

with MO files and folders next not another MO folder. If you only use MO for Skyrim then the Game Name folder can be removed, it's for multi-game setup.

Although technically nothing is wrong with your choice, it serves no purpose. In such cases a shorter path is better, as windows has a path limit.

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