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How many posts per page?

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    • By hishutup
      As I was working on Mythic Dawn: Gateway to Oblivion WIP I had seen many mods that are compatible with Nehrim.
      I would consider Nehrim to be one of the best full conversions for a game.
      Soire had started a guide over here but I have not seen her active in the past month. 
      So, I figure that I am going to start thinking about writing a guide because I am familiar with the Oblivion engine and know a thing or two.
      If you can, make a mod suggestion over on this sub forum and then make a post here that provides the link and the topic title.
      At this point in time don't worry about messing up the topic over there.
      I will be able to fix.
      This isn't going to be something that is going to happen immediately.
      Well, if I get enough feedback I may be able to get a good skeleton going.
      Currently, what I think I want the guide to be
      Core/Extended framework Keep the mod format from Mythic Dawn Change the Colors but keep more of the .css from Mythic Dawn More... TBA... If people can actively post here and help get a list of mods going then this change be done pretty quick.
      It's all up to you...

      On a side note...
      I know I have been making a ton of topics all around but its because of this topic posted by Z and because he pm'd me asking me to... so...
      I figured if I am going to start doing these mod suggestion things then I might as well have a complete section.
      Trying to keep everything linked together is kinda tricky
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