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Salt Lake, USA (N7)

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I'm commander Shepard, and this is my favorite server on the Nexus.

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For extra fun, download the ME1UTM using it (yes, it has a mod page on the Nexus).

Have you or anyone else used this? I've seen it but have been unsure how it would fit into the game.


My message notification on my phone is, "Commander, you've received a new message at you private terminal".

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    • By TechAngel85
      Lets set a few facts on the table:
      Most of the work is not "new", it's new to the game Older games now support DX11 Devs confirmed a lot was "backported" from existing ME3 All single player DLC from the series is included All games include ME3's character creation We know the devs, more or less, "imported" the old games into the updated engine used by ME3. Doing this automatically gave them access to all of DX11 features, as well as, allowed them to easily recycle ME3 assets and effects into the older games. Evidence of this is in some of the textures and enhancements throughout the series. However, whether the changes are new, recycled from ME3, or a result from the old games ported to a newer engine, all are very welcomed!
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      As we've been announcing for about 3-ish years now (see pinned Announcements for reference) we are finally gearing up for a full website/server move and upgrade. We had been held up significantly by our reliance on Mator in developing the now-aborted CMS project, which progressed slowly in fits and spurts and then altogether halted early in 2020. We suspect this was largely due to his basic abandonment of the Mod Picker platform we had planned to use ... we didn't learn about his silent decision on that until well into 2020, since it wasn't news that he ever shared with us.
      As a result (also as previously mentioned in past announcements), we are sticking with the wiki. The good news is that the software and server upgrades will provide enhancements that were not possible previously. We will be first upgrading and moving followed by subsequent development within the new wiki infrastructure.
      At the moment, we are doing a lot of wiki housekeeping. Once we finish that piece, we will be doing some initial development on the current production wiki while we do the laborious work of skinning the new wiki. This could take a while, but TechAngel85 and I have been working pretty exhaustively over the past weeks and will continue to do so, keeping this post updated as we go.
      As always, we could use help from community volunteers for various maintenance tasks here on the forums and on the wiki. Anyone with wiki experience and willing to help out is most welcome to do so … we are a community site providing completely free services without any advertising. PM Tech or myself if interested in volunteering!
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      This is just a simple guide to enhance the graphics of Mass Effect (the first game). I have planned for guides for the other games as well; however, I have no idea when I'll be able to complete them. For now, please enjoy this guide!
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