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Installing SKSE scripts via MO


Hi, under the MO guides (under Third Party Programs) I found these instructions for SKSE:

"SKSE may not be installed as a mod via MO. You may, however, install the scripts via MO to keep your data directory clean (provided that you haven't changed MO's load mechanism to Script Extender)"

How exactly can I install those scripts via MO? I downloaded and ran the exe installer, but I'm guessing I will have to use the 7zip instead, because after installing all the scripts ended up in the Skyrim Data folder under the newly created script folder.

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Additionally the simple rule is if it goes in data folder it's a Mod Organizer Mod.

If part of a mod goes in data folder then that part only is a Mod Organizer mod.


So SkSE Plugins are Mod Organizer mods.

BodySlide 2 Presets are Mod Organizer mods even though Mod Organizer warns that no mod files are present, technically correct as no *.ESP, *.BSA, Meshes or Textures are present. The basic modding file types. So a warning is given and means is this mod a non standard one you know about or is it an error.

This is standard computing behaviour for do you know what you're doing. FNIS warns that its not been run from Steam Data folder, which is normal with Mod Organizer but otherwise an error.


So don't worry about this warning if the top folder is CallienteTools. That's correct for BodySlide 2.

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