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Cannot install REGS custom esp files on mod organizer


I get the following message:


The element 'plugin' has invalid child element 'typeDescriptor'. List of possible elements expected: 'image, files, conditionFlags'.


I have tried NCC downgrade already (had to do it in order to install the previous fomods in the step guide). All previous fomods installed correctly, the directory structure is strinkingly similar in the REGS fomod but for some reason it refuses to work on that particular fomod.


For the record I am using windows 8.1, and I have skyrim and my modding tools in root c drive and not in program files (since I know how much program files has been known to cause issues). Everything else has went fine so far, just having no luck with this. Is there any alternative, like could I remove the fo mod so it just put it in as a folder structure instead and I can select the appropriate files myself?

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Use the fomod installer by Tannin, not the Nexus Mod Manager one.



Click the Settings button in MO (The icon with a wrench and a screwdriver).

Click the Plugins tab.

Select "Fomod Installer" in the list.

Double click on "enabled" and set it to "true".

Double click on "prefer" and set it to "true".

Hit OK, and install the REGS patch.



Don't know why it's not working with the NMM installer to be honest, especially considering the actual NMM handles the "typeDescriptor" just well :|

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