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Skyrim CTD after Fast Travel


Hi guys.


I fast travel and it looks ok, but after 3 seconds I get a CTD without any message or anything.


Its a bad problem as the world is so big. I dont use to Fast Travel much as I like to explore environment, but sometimes I have to do if im far from my quest.


I use the memmory patches and .inis and all I have to do to have the game the best as possible (mods cleaned, Boss order,...).


Is it normal?? I have some moda installed but the game plays great and no single CTD in hours unless I Fast Travel.


Any way to solve it?

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It sounds like it might be keeping stuff in memory while it loads the new area, and maybe it's running out of resources or something.  Or possibly trying to spawn too many things at once if you have tons of mods that spawn stuff.  Just a guess.  You mentioned that you use the .inis, what .inis are you referring to and where did you get them?  Might post them for us to see.

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