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Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim by lesi123

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Found while wandering on the website of Sands of Time, this little gem adds 21 hiding places around Skyrim. Available in three versions:
Standard: hideouts have camping equipment and storage, there is a narrative book that lists and describes the hideouts position. 
No Map Markers: with no map markers for the hideouts and no fast travel to them allowed. 
Deep Immersion: random NPCs in hideouts, camping equipment and storage may or may not be present and no book included.
There are a merged esp version, a fully modular one and an add-on for Dawnguard and Dragonborn.
Some minor incompatibilities in my mod list with Immersive Creatures, Realistic Water 2 and ELFX, easily fixed.
Wonderful when used with Frostfall!

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This sounds great, especially the deep immersion option. I pretty well set for housing with Aemer's Refuge/All Homes Remodeled/Druid's Den/ETaC (now renamed Carl's Crabcake Emporium due to pending merger with Immersive Settlements &/or whimsy, I guess?) but inconspicuous city entrances that may or may not be populated while I'm on the way to create bedlam sounds excellent. Do you know if the wilderness hideouts sync up with existing or SIC added bandit encounters (perhaps causing the conflicts mentioned above)?

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