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How do we switch themes anyway? I couldn't even find it... or is that the paint brush?

There's only 2 themes atm. The theme selector is in the footer, bottom left of the page. 

Also, occaisionally I will hit "Post" and it will sit there saying "Saving Post" forever... though the post does show up.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Bethesda forums have a limit of posts per thread. IPB tends to do that when there are too many replies on a single thread.But it really shouldn't be happening unless a thread has a ton of posts in it.Learned that from the admins over at Fallout Studios (a now somewhat defunct C&C modding community), where we had problems with a thread that's currently 239,221 replies.Did you get that floating saving message on the SR feedback thread, by any chance? :P

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I'd also like to mention - shouldn't we change the favicon of the forums to the favicon used elsewhere on the site? Would be good for consitency. Not sure how that is done in IP.Board, but there ya go.

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Locking this AGAIN so that we can keep from losing information in a big fat thread.


Please post issues and user stories on the forums as indicated in the OP

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    • By InfinityKage
      Hi. I'm new to modding as well as this site but I have watched a lot of videos and read a lot of post and I think i'm getting the hang of it quite well. I have quite a few mods installed and I'm using FNIS, SKYUI, Mod Organizer, and Loot and everything seems to load up and run just fine. But after playing for about 2-10 mins the game will just crash to desktop with no warning. I was wondering if anyone a little more experienced than me could help me out. If you need any info just tell me what and how. Thanks in advance.


      List of mods I have installed. (and I think the load order... not sure...)


      It won't let me load any of the stuff i found with the word Papyrus in it...
      Edit: Added loadorder, modlist, and plugins.

    • By Breems
      (Hoping this is the right place for this. I couldn't find another fitting forum category).

      I have a friend that will be donating a PSU.

      I've been dying to build a PC for the first time now that I finally have the money. I mostly took parts from a prebuilt Newegg special a few months ago as I wasn't sure where to start, but this rig would fit my budget and seems like it would be capable for what I'm trying to get. Skyrim has become such a big part of my life that I've planned an entire build around it. My end goal is to run Skyrim on *mostly* ultra settings (shadows and AA turned down) at 50-60 FPS.

      I basically want to know 2 things:
      Are all of these parts compatible? I know enough about parts to choose the specs I want, but I'm unsure of how to choose parts that will work in perfect harmony. Again, this was mostly built from a Newegg preset, so I'm guessing it will be fine. Is this ALL I'll need to put the PC together? I'd like to know any possible extra things I'll need to buy to assemble it. I know I'll need thermal paste, but I'd like to know of anything else. I'd also love general suggestions. I've debated 7850 vs. a GTX 750Ti for a long time, but it seems the 7850 would be a better deal for the money. I've seen several Skyrim benchmarks for the 7850 out there, and they all seem to indicate that it can run Skyrim on Ultra (we're talking 8x AA and Ultra Shadows which KILL performance) with no trouble.
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