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Step 2g and Spinning emblem


First post, so bear with me please....




I've installed S.T.E.P. process all the way up to 2f successfully(Via Mod Organizer). Now that I am on 2g, after going through the process, I started up BOSS and it appears to be in working order(although I have 60+ mods installed and it says 47). Upon entering the Startup the first thing I get is a no game error(not repeatable it went away after i took a break and shut down my computer, the game still loaded after that) and the spinning emblem didn't spin. Did some google fu and couldn't find a solid reason besides I need to manually install it. I'm trying to avoid as much manually installing and messing with the core files of skyrim folder. If anyone has an answer as to why this happened that would be great. Its fine now though. And I have a mod called "SMIM compatibility patch" I'm not sure where it goes and i've spent over an hour looking through all the mods trying to find it...(i put it at the end of 2g  as it only modifies meshs>landscape>rocks>rockpilem02tundra.nif) I'm hoping this will be fine..



System Specs.

Win 7 Pro 64bit

AMD Phenom II x6 1090t 3.2Ghz

8GB ram @ 1600Mhz(just checked ram says 667mhz idk what thats about...sigh)

Ausus Crosshair IV Formula

5870 1gb


Edit -Ram is good nvm

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