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MO Profile-specific Shortcut with SKSE not working

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Foremost, I apologize for the thread necro. I'd thought against starting a completely new thread on a very similar issue.

I'm using version 1.3.4 of MO. When following the instructions in this thread and those on the wiki (both being identical), The MO splashscreen comes up followed by the following error: 'Executable "-p" not found'.

Here are the contents of my target field for reference: "\MO INSTALLATION\ModOrganizer.exe" -p "Default" "\STEAM SKYRIM FOLDER\skse_loader.exe" . Substituting 'Default' with a name of another profile leads to the same error message. Has this feature been removed in more recent versions of MO, or am I just doing it wrong?


EDIT: The 'Start In' field I left at the default, which is point to my \MO INSTALLATION\ directory, if that makes a difference.

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It is possible to make a shortcut profile-specific. This only works for Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts. If this is done, it will only run in the profile specified. To create a profile-specific shortcut:
  1. Create the shortcut to the application as outlined above.
  2. Right-click on the shortcut created and select Properties.
  3. The Target field will include two strings encompassed by quotes like this: "/ModOrganizer.exe" "/Application.exe"
    • Between those two strings add -p "Name of Profile" replacing Name of Profile with the name of the profile to be used.
    • The Target field should now look like this: "/ModOrganizer.exe" -p "Name of Profile" "/Application.exe"
  4. Click Apply.
  5. (Optional) Rename the shortcut in a manner that will indicate which profile it will work on.
  6. Click OK.

You used the above method?


The start in field I have on my working shortcut points to the Skyrim directory, which is probably more correct.

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Yes, those are the instructions followed. Strange thing, the shortcut works perfectly until I insert the -p "Profile" argument. It's not too big a deal if it can't be helped, not that much a trouble to go through the traditional method of switching profiles.

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