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Robed Ebony Armor by MadCat221

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Robed Ebony Armor

Wow, just wow.

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This mod adds a retextured/rerigged/reconformed copy of the ebony mail mesh with a colored trimmed overlay robe. It's enchanted with an Expert Robes of Destruction-equivilant enchantment, ideal for very high-end Battlemages.


It plays well with any other Ebony armor bits, and will register for Matching Set with them as well.


Available for purchase from Faralda when your level is appropriate, or by combining an Expert Robes of Destruction (college-style) with an Ebony Armor body piece (unenchanted) at a forge if you have the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

There's optional download with Cabal's texture, even.

I am still not entirely sure how it works (language fail maybe?), whether it replaces the current ebony armour or adds entirely new set (I assume it's this), but it simply looks awesome.

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I saw these a while back through I want to saw Hodilton's videos. Haven't had a chance to look at them in vanilla lightning yet, though.

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