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No Shout Warnings for Aura Whisper

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Well, it's supposed to be a "sneak" shout that allows you to see where everyone is, so I guess alerting people (guards in this case) with it wouldn't be very immersive :p I never used this as I usually don't play sneak characters but if it works correctly it should be "lore-friendly"

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Does usage of the Aura Whisper shout indicate that this shouldn't happen?

Well, this is from the mod description:




So there I was, sneaking through Calcelmo's Laboratory, when I decided to use Aura Whisper to see if my path was clear. And then, across a massive room, a door opened and a Markarth town guard started walking right toward me. I rolled out of my shadowy spot and crept into another alcove, the stealth indicator never showing a peep. The guard changed course, walked right up to me, and, despite my being completely invisible to him, gave me a speech about how using shouts in town was making people nervous. Then, of course, he attacked me, since he automatically detected me due to our forced and inescapable conversation.


This scenario shows that the shout functionality is broken. So, yeah, logically thinking, it should not be alerting the guards. Like Gand said, it's supposed to be a 'sneak shout'.

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