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I've just completed a round with this guide. I've sectioned off the information better, added missing information, corrected old info, and corrected the writing style to be more of the third person.

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I've made another pass over this guide and added some relevant information to the wiki section. Other sections where just polished a bit more in terms of language, formatting, and provided information.

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    • By Gutmaw
      Hey all, I'm very familiar with the STEP guides for Skyrim (including SRLE and SRLE Extended), and looking to jump into FO4.  I found a handful of FO4 guides, looking for your experienced opinions on the best/most stable/current FO4 mod pack/guide.  
      Here are the guides I found so far...
      Fallout 4 Mod List and Load Order Guide (BiRaitBec Modlist)
      wip-fallout-4-using-modorganizer-2 by Gernash
      https://forum.step-project.com/topic/12227-fallout-4-mod-it-till-it-breaks-my-personal-guide/ by Fenris95
      Any guidance is appreciated!
      MSI SLI PLus Z270 mobo...Intel i5-7600K (4.5GHz OC)...Team T-Force Night Hawk 16MB DDR4 3000 RAM...EVGA GTX 1070 8GB FTW Gaming GPU...Crucial m4 256GB SATA SSD (OS and misc)...PNY 480GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SLC SSD (Gaming)...Hitachi GST Deskstar 750GB 7200 HDD (Storage)...Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium PCI Express Sound Card...Qnix 27" 2K IPS display
    • By dreadflopp
      I posted a couple of weeks ago about a STEP SE guide addon. It has developed into a proper STEP build, which is why I decided to start a new topic. This is a guide based on STEP SE and you use it instead of STEP SE. It is in a finished state and I am currently game testing.  I will add the guide to the STEP wiki soon, which is as easy as cut and paste some text. It is currently on Github only.

      On the todo-list:
      Revisit the animations section of the guide and check out Project New Reign - Nemesis PCEA as well as other animation mods.  
      Introduction: Welcome to Dread's Skyrim Build
      Link: https://dreadflopp.github.io/dreadsskyrimbuild/
      This guide is a STEP build based on the STEP: Core build. The STEP team has built a base with mods that enhances and fixes Skyrim without breaking the vanilla look and feel. This guides further enhances Skyrim, adds to it and alters elements of it in several ways.
      The mods featured in this build are chosen to be immersive and realistic. Realistic in a fantasy setting means believable. The mods should feel like they expand or enhances vanilla Skyrim, like they could have been there from the beginning.
      What to expect
      Support for the Survival mode from Bethesda Creation Club. HD textures for landscapes, structures and buildings that keeps the vanilla look and feel. HD textures for clutter, armors, weapons other items. Bigger trees for a truly immersive forest. Enhanced visuals with Cathedral Weather, Relighting Skyrim and Luminosity Lighting Overhaul. New unique armors are added to the game. New weapons types with custom animations. More adventures with new quests and new lands to visit. Overhauled cities, towns and villages. Expanded character creation with the CBBE female body with realistic presets. Overhauled character leveling and skill system: Overhauled skill trees with new perks. Overhauled magic with new spells. A new class system. New experience system that encourages exploration. Slower leveling to allow you to experience the dlc-sized added content before maxing out your character. New, tougher bandits and dragons. New NPC's and followers. This build is made to be easy to install
      No LOOT rules, every conflict is resolved with the patches. Run LOOT and you are done. No bashed patch. All level list conflicts are resolved by the patches. No merging of plugins. Every patch is esl-flagged to make sure the plugin limit count is not reached. Advanced FOMOD installer for the patches. No need to choose which patches to use, the installer does the work for you. Almost all mods are optional
      All mods in this build are optional, except for:
      Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. Cloaks of Skyrim and Winter is Coming. Use them both or not at all.
    • By TechAngel85
      Discussion topic:
      SKSE Plugin Preloader by meh321
      Wiki Link
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