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Combat Drama Overhaul by Apollodown

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Not wild about it. (Maybe it is the kill cam on non-kills or maybe it just seems a little buggy and looks to need more polish.) But I do like The Dance of Death so maybe this can be tweaked to do the same thing or maybe even better.


If ApolloDown wants to start making new kill moves for his next edition and needs to edit the dual actor animation meshes, this is somewhere FORES new version of FNIS could be useful, maybe.

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He configured it that way for the purpose of the video. I saw the settings in another video, and you can adjust the chances.


Also, this seems to work differently than DoD:

Think of it this way, DoD and CDO operate on opposite sides of the same coin. DoD concerns itself with mainly the animations that you can use, and how often the non-ranged killmoves play. CDO affects camera paths and ranged killmoves - this means that I can still edit the other half of killmoves(the camera paths) without running afoul of DoD. On that note, compatibility should not be an issue.

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