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Dawn of Windhelm by BluePianoTwo

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Lore friendly Windhelm enhancer


- Completely revamped Grey Quarter, complete with new market area, shrines, Morrowind lighting and flora, as well as a plethora of hand-picked details.

- Revitalized front entrance, including Ysgramor statue (the city was founded by him, after all), and touches to Candlehearth Hall

- Stormcloak recruitment desk

- Palace of the Kings entrance redone for a more awe-inspiring look

- Detailed market district and graveyard

- Statue of Talos near Hjerim

- Improvements all around the city, including trees (not too many), flora, snow, banners, and crates / barrels, and snowberries.

- Removed some things that dirtied Windhelm, such as the obnoxious dead shrubs that were everywhere.

- Hid that awful wall with the striped texture near Hjerim

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Only issue that might occur is clipping or object conflict (e.g. a bench in windhelm conflcits with a brazier from elfx) but when you happen to see that in game, use console and then click the item to figure out the formid (or use STATUS to get the cellid) and then delete it in tes5edit.


Piana, could you look at this conflict and perhaps move that bench a little, or reposition it somehow? :)


ELFX is very popular and I'm sure many users would appreciate this!

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Very nice. Will definitely use this.


One suggestion - the three Dark Elf merchants with stalls near the docks had all of their good flagged as free to take - I think it should count as stealing to take them.

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