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Possible tabs reorder


Hi, I'd like to suggest small change in MO mod window:

why not rearrange tabs into sequence like this:

Filetree | Optional ESPs | INI-files | Textfiles | Images | Categories  | Notes | Nexus | Conflicts


This would give some benefits (IMHO):

  • Separated mod and meta-mod information. All tabs up to Images (including) would relate to only active mod contents, that is, stuff that lands in Data. All tabs starting from Categories would be about metadata. Cat-> Nexus would give information about the mod that is uninteresting to other mods, while the last tab would be about the current suite of mods.

    In other words we'd get this 

  • Filetree would be default tab (I use this one most of the time). ;)
Forgive my clarity, but English isn't my starting skill. If something is unclear, please tell me, I'll try to fix.

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