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STEP Patches for Packs

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With STEP 2.2.8 Released we are moving closer to our STEP Packs being official parts of STEP.

We need to standardized a few things in regards to patching your packs.

Things Authors should be aware of:

  • Your patch(es) needs to be named accordingly
    • Follow this nomenclature: STEP Pack-<Pack Name or Abbreviation> Patch.esp
    • Use the acronym if you have one. i.e VEGA Core: Vanilla Enhanced Gameplay Alternative-> STEP Pack-VEGA Core Patch.esp NOT STEP Pack-VEGA Core: Vanilla Enhanced Gameplay Alternative Patch.esp
    • Do not add in any other symbols like colons, Skyrim cannot read them.
  • You must NOT distribute your patch(es) outside of official STEP channels
    • Please use the STEP Forums or Wiki to upload your patches.
    • We now are getting permission from authors to merge their plugins in to STEP Patches, so do not distribute your patches other places.
  • There will be wiki pages to assist you in the creation of your patch
    • Those pages are currently being made, and if you have any suggestions and concerned post them in this thread.
    • EssArrBee maintains the patches currently, so he can assist in any way.
    • The STEP Patches cannot be copied into other patches without the STEP patch being a dependency.
      • ?Use the STEP Patch as your pack's patch and just rename it after you are done making changes.
      • A good idea would be to make a copy of your STEP Patches to have handy in case you screw up. (I have done this many times.
  • You may need to make a wiki page for your patch
    • If you add the patch a mod in your pack's mod list then it needs to have a page.
    • You can also upload the patch as file there which will take care of distributing your patch correctly.
  • There is a Github site with the latest versions of the patches

Wiki Sites: (coming soon)

  • Basics of creating a patch: https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP_Patches_for_Packs
  • Removing dependencies: Coming soon, not enough hours in the day. If only we didn't have to sleep. Which the scientific community is quite baffled by actually. The leading sleep researcher from Stanford, William Dement, has said after 50 years of research, that the only reason we do it is because we get sleepy.
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Okay, so some pack authors may need the upcoming patches for 2.2.9 to make their stuff up to date with next version of STEP. I've made the working version of the patches and added new combined plugin.


The combined plugin is for users that need to build a patch from scratch instead of using the STEP Patches to build off of. It only requires SMIM to be installed and you can disregard the SMIM plugins. After that you can go along and use the combined plugin to build your patch and then just rename it when complete.


Get them here:



Pack Authors: Just send me a PM or post here with any questions.


General Users: If you are not a STEP Staff member or Pack author then support will not be provided, so use at your own risk. If you are a general user and need support then you probably shouldn't be using them anyways, and stick to the 2.2.8 guide.

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it appears that the BB code in the OP needs to be corrected. very unreadable.

Thanks for the heads up.

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