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Book Covers Skyrim - Compatibility Patch Collection by DanielCoffey

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Patches for:


REQUIEM - The Roleplaying Overhaul is a popular total overhaul which not only adds its own books but renames many of the Potion, Poison and Atronach Recipes. The Compatibility Patch helps Requiem access the Book Covers Skyrim resources for the modified recipes and the Requiem custom content. It is possible in the future that these resources will be absorbed into Requiem itself which will remove the need for this patch.


BSQBN - Better Skill and Quest Book Names adds a prefix to the beginning of Skill Books as well as Books or Notes that start quests or give you a map marker. With this patch, those books will now inherit the Book Covers Skyrim appearance.


SKYRE - T3nd0s Skyrim Redone is an insanely popular gameplay overhaul which has a small affect on certain skill books. Since SkyRe repurposes the Lockpicking perk tree as Wayfarer and merges the old Lockpicking and Pickpocket trees into Fingersmith, a Compatibvility Patch is needed.


A combined BSQBN + SKYRE patch is available for players who enjoy both mods.


TCIY - The Choice Is Yours improves dialogue and quest start options in the game and affects one Note to do with a quest in Markarth. The Compatibility Patch is tiny but necessary for the quests to flow as intended.


ASM - Another Sorting Mod as its name suggests is another popular sorting mod. By default, Book Covers Skyrim is released in a Better Sorting/Enhanced Better sorting flavour but some people preferred ASM and requested a Compatibility Patch.


Organized Books is another Book Sorting mod. Its main purpose is to alter volume numbers along the lines of "Bookname, Vol. 1 of 4"


Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade is, as its name suggests, an overhaul of the Skyrim crafting system. It affects two books - the Light and Heavy Armor Forging and the Bonemold Formula Note.


Non-Automatic Skill Books allows the player to choose whether to accept the skill gain from reading a book or not. Both the Normal and Better (Skill prefix) versions are supported.es for

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I understand there was already a very good SKYRE compatibility collection by Xathra which handled the SKYRE stuff which was why nobody had asked for SKYRE patches for Book Covers so you can choose which to use. I had already done the BSQBN+SKYRE combined patch before I was informed.


Today I added the Non-Automatic Skill Books patch for both the Better (with skill prefix) and Normal versions.

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