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Immersive Sounds - Aural Assortment by lazyskeever

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Immersive Sounds-Aural Assortment by lazyskeever

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I typically stand by AOS due to it's wide range and just in general (I really like how the Fireball sound is done for example.). However, this conflicts little with it and more little things that make it stand out. Taking and looting items gives a sound to each one; coins adds a jingle sound, potions sound like you're taking something made from glass, doors sound different depending on what they are, ect.. There's a list on the mod page that tells more.


The only thing that I notice that it conflicts with in AOS is 2 things of dungeon ambiance, dwemer generic and catacombs generic. The mod author even says that it works with AOS, just to place it after. But considering it conflicts with so little I don't think it matter much.

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I just loaded this up in game and it sounds pretty epic. I recommend you try it out. It needs a USKP and Clothing and Clutter Fixes patch. I didn't try to edit the differences between AOS and it. The changes for different looting is particularly pleasing.

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