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Info which needs to be added to the wiki (at some point)

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To make sure good pieces of information in multiple threads are preserved and it can be put on the wiki later on I have created a thread for it here. It will mostly be a small explanation of the info and a reference of where to find it. Some articles will be tiny, small, larger. Basically a mental note for myself but which could be useful for others as well.I could of course edit the wiki directly. But as I've learned if you put it on the wiki it has to be of a specific format and must 'fit' in a page. This takes a bit of time.

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Running "Bodyslide 2 and Outfit Studio" from MO.

Thread "Migrating to MO" post #6.

EDIT: Ok it looks like MO doesnt recognise it yet but it works if you install it like a regular party app. Just followed these steps (by monsto):


1) start mod organizer
2) drop down the "games and tools" list (just to the left of the run button)
3) at the top, click edit
4) fill out the fields for Bodyslide 2
- the button next to Binary is for locating the... uh... binary
- start in = blank
- no arguments. (NONE. AND THAT'S FINAL.)
5) Click Add then OK.

...just remember to tick "Run as Administrator" on MO and Bodyslide if you get the "Program needs to be elevated..." message. :)


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Ini-Tweaks not reverting to default values when deactivated.

Bug report #453  -  Ini-Tweaks not reverting to default values when deactivated.
On december the 18th Tannin has changed the status from 'new' to confirmed. It looks as if for some it works, not 100% sure. Its also mentioned in thisthread, post #6.

This bug has been resolved. Removed from wiki.

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Difference between downloading manually and using 'download with manager'.

Thread 'Manual vs NMM downloads'. Tannin responded in post #3.

If you download manually and then "Query Info", MO has less information to go on.
It has to "guess" the mod id from the file name, then retrieve a list of downloads from Nexus and match the downloaded file name against those files to determine the file id and version.

Both can go wrong. The file name can be so obscure that MOs guessing fails and it then continues with a wrong mod id.
Also, the list of files MO can retrieve from Nexus is limited to 30 (Nexus limit, not MO limit), so if your download is not within those 30 files, query info fails.

When you use "Download with Manager" links, all necessary information is passed along with the link.

Also, MO tracks downloads speeds for download mirrors (available in the settings menu) so it can prioritize the fastest server automatically (i admit, the algorithm leaves room for improvement) whereas with manual downloads you have to know which server is fastest yourself.

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Different options shown when using fomod or fomod external installer.

DoubleYou explained that the fomod installer and fomod external installer (NCC based) sometimes show different options. Noticed this with STEP 2.2.8 and intalling Book Of silence. For more info see the thread 'STEP v2.2.8 Official Bug Reports' post #55.

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Fomod installer external

As discussed in the thread 'Can't install Interesting NPC's 3.0.4 with MO' post #3 by Tannin.

I wouldn't be surprised if the NCC installer fails for such a large file. The archiver has two mods of operation: In one it's ridiculously slow to display menus because it will extract files (i.e. images) individually so if the archive is solid it will extract the whole archive once for each file to display.
In the other mode it creates a buffer in memory for the whole file, then extracts the file to another buffer. Thus it requires archive-size * 2 Bytes of memory (esp. address space). Since it's compiled as a 32-bit app that won't work for archives > 2GB. Please remember NCC is based on NMM code, I'm not touching that area of the code because then I will have to keep patching it every time I update.

See also this thread for a mod which doesn't install because of this....

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How to prevent mods downloaded twice with IE 11 and MO

See thread "MO 1.0.7 downloading mods twice from Nexus" for more details. This info is from batat, post #23.

How to for IE 11 @ Win 8:
1) Open IE in Desktop mode, not Metro mode (right click on IE; Open in Desktop)
2) Gear icon should appear
3) Click on gear icon
4) Compatible setting
5) Type nexusmods.com
6) Press add button

It also works for windows 7.
I (wolverine2710) had the same problem with IE11 which was auto updated by Windows 7.

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