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By visby. Feature request: overwrite folder for each profile


Originally Visby posted this in the Nexus MO forum. So that this discussion will not get buried on the nexus forums I created the question here and will respond to it here.

I just realized one big issue, the overwrite folder needs to be under profiles. Having the overwrite being generic is a big problem if your actively using more then one profile. Just one example is that you have to run FNIS generator every time you switch profiles among other things.


Edit: Added as a feature request on bug genie.

In future request #383 Tannin has said the following: "This has been proposed before in Enhancement 202 - Profile-specific overwrite and I have to reject this, but there is a suggested way to handle this: The overwrite folder should always be empty (hence the warning icon if it isn't). Starting from an empty overwrite, generate your files for the current profile, then move everything from overwrite to a new mod like "generatedstuff_profile_default". Enable it only in that profile -> tadaa, your profile-local overwrite folder."


In the Nexus MO forum this has been discussed in length with strategies how to 'solve' this. For more information see the discussion which starts 13:46, 16 Sep 2013 in the Nexus MO forum. Personally I like the suggestion by GSDFan, but technically speaking you are not using profiles any longer... Uhuru has described the details of the overwrite directory in this Step MO forum thread.

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I saw in the issue tracker for Feature request #447 that Tannin responded to this and closed the ticket. His response:

This has been requested and rejected before, i.e. here: https://issue.tannin.eu/tbg/modorganizer/issues/202 The mentioned situation with fnis is easy to handle: create a new mod from the fnis-generated files (there is a context menu option on overwrite for that) and activate that mod in the appropriate profile.


However there are other situations where the profile directory can NOT be profile specific. Say you use tes5edit to clean a dlc esm. It gets moved to overwrite and would thus become invisible to all other profiles -> they all become unusable. The same is true for example for mods that "optimize" textures.

If this thread gets no responses in the next days I will move it to the ' Knowledge Base - SOLVED THREADS' section.

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