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Quick Tip. Uninstalling MO and fixing NXM association in Windows.

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The information provided here is from my poking around in MO and from various posts on the Skyrim Nexus forum and as such may not be totally accurate.  Only Tannin42 knows the internal workings of MO and his advice, if provided, should be considered over mine. The information is accurate as I see it for Mod Organizer v1.05 RC6.


On 29 September 2013, MntyH asked “I want to uninstall MO, What do I need to do?

Tannin provided this answer in the FAQ section of the Mod Organizer landing page.

Q: I want to uninstall MO, what do I do?

A: First, inside MO, go to settings and select "Mod Organizer" for the load mechanism. Close MO and then just stop using it.

You can delete the ModOrganizer directory if you're sure you need nothing from it anymore (like mod archives, savegames). Beyond that, no un-installation is necessary. MO does not write to the registry or into any directory besides its own.


Let’s break this down a little further. There are three ways to launch Skyrim or load mechanisms:

Method one: Mod Organizer, which should be the used as the main way to launch the game. Provides to the game through hook.dll the Virtual File System or VFS. When MO is no longer required, the load mechanism has to be set back to Mod Organizer in the Options, workarounds tab and Load Mechanism. Then just stop using MO.


Method two: SKSE plug in. MO will install two files, hook.dll and mo_path.txt, to the vanilla Skyrim directory in data/skse/plugins. If this is the method being used for launching the game and MO is no longer required, the load mechanism has to be set back to Mod Organizer.

If MO has already been uninstalled, then delete hook.dll and mo_path.txt from skyrim/data/skse/plugins.


Method Three: Proxy DLL. Tannin has advised not to use this method to launch the game. In this method MO copies steam_api.dll to steam_api.dll.orig and writes a new steam_api.dll. Again if this is the method being used to launch the game and MO is no longer required, the load mechanism has to be set to Mod Organizer in options.

If MO has already been removed, then the following has to be done. Go to the skyrim directory and look for a steam_api.dll, which should less than 50kb in size and a steam_api.dll.orig which should be 118kb in size. Delete steam_api.dll, then rename steam_api.dll.orig to steam_api.dll.


Sometime around version 0.99.XX. Tannin removed the internal browser from Mod Organizer and replaced with a mechanism that mimics what NMM does. Downloading mods via the system default web browser, as the default action.


To accomplish this, an association between MO and the web browser needs to be set up. This is done by pressing the globe icon, the second icon on the top left toolbar, to make the link automatically. After this is done, pressing the green “Download with Manager†button will use the NXM link and determine where the file will go.


In all of the above removal procedures, the NXM association has been overlooked. To fix this is an easy task. If Nexus mod manager is installed on the system, start it as an administrator and navigate to settings/ general tab and toggle the “Associate with NXM URLs†option and click OK. This will re-establish the link to NMM.


Another method to change the association is to type file association in the Windows start menu search box to bring up the Windows Set association dialog. Once that is open look for “.nxm†and Double click on it or press the Change program button on the upper right of the window. This will bring up a dialog where Nexus Mod Manager can be specified. Once that is done click the close button, the next time the green download with manager button is pressed NMM will be used for the download.

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The info has been copied to S.T.E.P. MO wiki, section 'advanced'. As the wiki is currently being fleshed out its possible that the contents will be moved to another section or that the contents will be condensed or otherwise edited. I invite everyone to edit the wiki page(s).

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Nexus marunder had problems getting the 'download with manager' to work again with NMM. Pointed to the wiki article which is the same as this thread. This was what he had to say:

Perfect!! Thanks so much. Had to run NMM as administrator and went to "settings/ general tab and toggled the “Associate with NXM URLs". I did not have to reset using the "the Windows Set association dialog" approach as also described by GSDFan - I went and checked and it had reset the association correctly in first step. Sooo, thanks again and also to GSDFan for the great description of what was going on there! ...I think this will post in right location ?8- ta!...

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