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Quick Tip. How to see the virtual filing sytem of MO in action.

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This is a copy of the information I created in the sandbox of DoubleYou aka Vuud. Its heavily WIP but when ready will replace the current S.T.E.P. MO wiki. It basically is the current wiki but with quite a few extra information. You can find the sandbox here


FreeCommander (FC) is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager (windows explorer). If you want to see the virtual filing system of MO in action, for example to test if MO is working correctly, you should start FC from inside MO. Navigate to your /data directory. What you see here is what MO exposes to all programs started from inside MO, including Skyrim itself. If you use the windows explorer to navigate to your /data directory you see only the files of a fresh install of Skyrim. That is under the assumption you have not placed other files/mods in here (manually or using NMM). Note: When you have installed the free "High Resolution Texture Pack" DLC those files will be installed by Steam in the /data directory. The same is true for the other three non-free DLC's. When you navigate to the directory where the regular skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini files reside and open these files you also see the contents you configured using MO. Its also possible to edit both ini files.


Note: For technical reasons you can not use the windows explorer or programs which use it as a base for this. You can use other alternative file managers like total commander (TC) for this. I have tested both FC and TC and it works flawless.


MO only supports 32 bits programs, so make sure you install the 32 bits version of FC.


To set up Free Commander to work with MO:

  • Click the gears icon (fourth icon from top left with a subtext of "Configure the executables that can be started through Mod Organizer"). This opens the "Modify Executables" window.
  • In the "Title" field, type in Free Commander (or whatever else you want to call it). This fills in the "Title" field.
  • All the way to the right of the "Binary" field is a button with an ellipsis with a subtext of "Browse filesystem." Click it. This opens a window where we can browse to the program we want to run.
  • Navigate to your Skyrim directory and select the "FreeCommander.exe" application. This fills in the "Binary" field.
  • Check the "Close MO when started" option. This causes MO to close upon launch of FC.
  • Click the "Add" button. This will add Free Commander to your executables list.
  • Click OK.
To launch a game after it has been added to MO's list of executables, select the application from the drop-down list on the top right and click "Run."


For additional information about how to install other third party programs and which tools are automatically recognized by MO click here.


Note to self: Change links when the sandbox goes live.

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The info shown here was present in DoubleYou's MO wiki sandbox version. S.T.E.P has moved the sandbox contents to the 'live' MO wiki. It can be found in the 'third party programs'  tab/section


I invite everyone to change the  information if they feel something is missing, to long, the format is incorrect. Everyone can edit the wiki and is encouraged to do so.


Edit: Added 'Q: How to see MO's virtual filing system (VFS) in action' in the FAQ tab of the wiki.

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