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Skyrim Flora Overhaul Grass Texture/Meshes Help



Hey everyone,


So I have been trying to tweak my game to look a certain way and SFO red shrub grass has been a eyesore in my eyes.


If any of you fellow Step members can help me find the specific file in the SFO folder, I would be grateful


Here is the grass that I want to remove.


Posted Image   Posted Image


Thanks again, and I eagerly await for your reply. =-)

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Gonna have to remember to save my custom textures before I update! But nice since the tundra have long been a rather bad eye sore.

Yes indeed it was an eyesore, haven't tested it yet as I've been to busy posting here and there and everywhere.  I was very shocked by the update.  I was all but positive Vurt was more or less done with it and had moved on!

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