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Improved Vanilla Mountains HD (by rgabriel15)


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I like them very much! Always prefered vanilla mountains.


Anyway, you might want to consider have terrain bump for the mountains now that you have excluded AOF detailed mountains.


Improved Vanilla mountains HD looks much better (imho) with terrain bump.




Without Terrain bump: https://oi44.tinypic.com/2v8lhqw.jpg

With Terrain bump: https://oi43.tinypic.com/y1il1.jpg   (With only mountainslab02_n.dds installed in terrain bump, looks better that way)

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We recommend deleting the mountain slabs from Terrain Bump because during our texture compares we found out that it makes some texture mods look really bad. True that if only Improved Vanilla Mountains HD is used it looks better; however, since Terrain Bump is a Core mod we had to take into consideration that Pack authors might use other texture mods. Therefore, the removal of the slab textures were necessary for best Core compatibly.

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