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Atronach Stone Description/Effect



I'm currently using STEP 2.2.6 and I noticed that the description for the Atronach Stone describes the 50% spell absorption as 50% magicka absorption.  I was wondering if someone might be able to answer a couple of questions about this.


1)  Which mod changes the description/effect of the Atronach Stone to "50% magicka absorption"?



2)  Does this actually change the mechanic?  i.e. Instead of a 50% chance to absorb the entire damage of the spell and convert it's casting cost into our own magicka pool, does this instead simply convert 50% of the spells magicka cost into our magicka pool while we still take full damage?

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If you have tes5edit installed then you can quickly find out which mod you have that alter it if any. Also at any rate figure out how it works.


The formID for how the stone works is E5F51, editorID is doomAtronachAbility


Should have doomAtronachEffect set to magnitude 50 which translates into 50% spell absorption. This should mean that you reduce spell damage by 50% and get 50% of the mana cost of the spell that hit you....


It does have the recover flag on...


If I am entirely wrong then someone please do correct me! :)

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EDIT: This is what I get for writing this post prior to TES5Edit loading. I'll enter the information you've already provided lol, thanks.


I do have TES5Edit; however, I've only ever used it once maybe, and that was while following strictly outlined instructions to do something minimal I believe.


I appreciate your input thus far, but would you be so kind as to direct me through the process of finding out what (if anything) is editing the stone and how?

It's the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.  It changes the ability to 


"Increases Magicka by <50> points, absorb <50>% of the magicka from hostile spells, and Magicka regenerates <50>% slower."


This is kind of a bummer...  I was attempting to create a battlemage focused on spell absorption (Atronach Stone, Atronach Alteration perk, and pieces of Miraak's armor), but when I visited the stone for the first step in my build, I noticed it was lacking the spell absorption descriptor.


How would I go about safely re-instituting the vanilla Atronach Stone ability?  Is it as simply as copying and pasting the vanilla effect over to the Unofficial Skyrim Patch entry?


EDIT: Sorry, really new to this... After staring at the entries for a bit, I'm noticing that everything after the description is identical to the vanilla entry for the Atronach Stone. The Base Effect is listed as:


"AbDamageMagickaRate "Damage Magicka Regeneration" [MGEF:000A1A45]"


for both entries. The reason I even started digging into the description for the stone is because I had read a build that utilized Fortify Restoration potions to boost the %spell absorb. It stated that the magnitude could be checked based on the amount of magicka the player's pool increased by. i.e. If you had 100 magicka and activated the stone normally, you would have +50 magicka and 50% spell absorption. If you used a few Fortify Restoration potions, that % would increase and be reflected in the amount of magicka gained. So an increase of 25% would show an increase of 75 magicka overall. I was unable to replicate this with crafted potions and in-game potions and started doing some research.


Since the entries are identical as to the effect of the stone, does this mean that the %absorb spell was changed in a Bethesda patch?

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From what I can see then the stone in vanilla behaves as it should.

If nothing changes it then it should work.


But it is fairly easy to test if it working or not.


If you know where the stone is located... I assume you do. Go to said stone, save your game, and get the effect.

open the console.

type help mage or help necromancer

This provides you with a list of all entries containing the word mage in their editorID. Find the ones with NPC in front using the pg up and pg down buttom. After NPC there should be a number like the above formID so perhaps 000E1FDE (This is just a random one dunno what it is)


type player.placeatme formID #


Where # is the number of actors you want to spawn. Just 1 should suffice for the test.

This will place the given actor in front of you and it should not become hostile to you when you close the console.

Then you can load the game and repeat the process again for the same thing and see if you take more dmg. with the stone then without.

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Alrighty, did some more reading along with in-game testing.  I see why I confused the piss out of myself at the very start.


The USKP changed the description of the ability to "absorb % of the magicka from hostile spells" along with fixing the restoration bug that buffed the spell absorption effect.  I could plainly see that the fortify restoration potions weren't working, but it felt like I was still actually absorbing the spells as opposed to taking full damage and just absorbing magicka.


Skyrim Redone changes the description back to "% absorb spells" and that's why some spells would do 0 damage and some would do full.


Thank you so much Aiyen for your patience and all of your help; perhaps you might be willing to offer more insight?  :whistling:


I'd like to try and replicate a build that uses the fortify restoration exploit to increase the % spell absorption from the atronach stone.  Since I don't want to uninstal the USKP, is there a way to modify the value in-game?  I was hoping to simulate the character getting stronger as he leveled up if this could be done.  I know that with Dragonborn, Miraak's clothing has an enchantment that uses % spell absorb; is it possible to console an item to have that enchantment with a magnitude set by me?

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Okay... a bit tricky order, and I can only provide half the solution since I am kinda pressed for time.


If you open E5F50 in tes5edit.


On the top where it says skyrim.esm right click and select "copy as override into"

Select new file, and give it a name.


This will create a new .esp... essentially this is how you create mods using tes5edit.


There is an entry called Magic Skill. It is set as None in the skyrim.esm.

If you in your patch alter it so its called Restoration.


Now it links this effect to the restoration skill... however it does not scale with skill, since the vanilla game does not do this.

In order to do that you need a mod that does... or add in the changes to do it in the restoration novice perk... however as I recall then SkyRe already does this.. if not then empowered magic does, and mighty magic as well... properly a few others that add effect scaling by skill level.


As always I am not 100% that its the best way to do it.. but it is what I would try first.

Best of luck with it! :)

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