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Skyrim Redone - Disease Descriptions Compatibility Patch

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I just made a compatibility patch in TES5Edit without anyone else's instructions and I want to proudly present it here! Ahhh that great first time :D


Skyrim Redone adjusts the diseases, and generally doubles the negative impact. For instance, Ataxia is 25% harder lockpicking in vanilla but 50% in Skyrim Redone. Skyrim Redone also removes or alters the disease descriptions so that they look like vanilla again (stating only the disease name without mentioning the percentage change). 

Due to Disease Descriptions.esp being sorted by BOSS to be above SkyRe_main.esp in load order, most descriptions ended up being wrong and a few others were simply removed due to SkyRe_main.esp having different name and empty description records. So, I decided to make my very first compatibility patch! 


I'm pretty confident I didn't make any mistakes, but if someone experienced with TES5Edit could take a look and tell me if all is well, I'd appreciate it. 

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