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Specularity issue on Helgen stone walls



Hi, first let me say that I am new to STEP, and I am excited to see what this will bring to my game.  I am following the directions to the letter, and very methodically.  When I got to the benchmark phase for 2F, I noticed this strange pixellation on the stone walls of Helgen.




Is this a problem with specular lighting or a texture problem?


System spec:

i5 4760k  3.4 GHz

16g DDR3 1600 RAM

Radeon HD 7970 3GB


I use Wrye Bash, with the following mod load order:



Skyrim.esm Active

Update.esm Active

Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}

Skyrim Project Optimization.esm Active

ClimatesOfTamriel.esm Active

Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm Active

SPIKE.esm Active

HighResTexturePack01.esp Active

HighResTexturePack02.esp Active

HighResTexturePack03.esp Active

Brawl Bugs CE.esp Active

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp Active

Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}

Unofficial High Resolution Patch.esp Active

Weapons & Armor Fixes_Remade.esp Active

Better Dynamic Snow.esp Active


StaticMeshImprovementMod-FurnitureChestSnowFix.esp Active

TradeBarter.esp Active

Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}

83Willows_101BUGS_V4_HighRes.esp Active

Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}

Birdsclean.esp Active

Birdsofskyrim.esp Active

BLESSINGS - Altar Descriptions.esp Active

Dead Body Collision.esp Active

Disease Descriptions.esp Active

Dual Sheath Redux.esp Active

Requires: Java Runtime Environment 7 update 17+

DungeonQuestAwareness.esp Active

fFastTravelSpeedMult_4.esp Active

Moss Rocks.esp Active

MVABasic.esp Active

MVAIvarstead.esp Active

MVARorikstead.esp Active

Point The Way.esp Active

RabbitsPlus.esp Active

Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp Active

Chesko_LoreBasedLoadingScreens.esp Active

Footprints.esp Active

NoxUE2.00.esp Active

RaceMenu.esp Active

RaceMenuPlugin.esp Active

Note: RaceMenuPlugin is optional and provides support to alter Height, Breast, Glute and Biceps. If you experience issues with it, disable RaceMenuPlugin.esp and inform the author.

SkyUI.esp Active

iHUD.esp Active

Acquisitive Soul Gems.esp Active

Appropriately Attired Jarls Redux.esp Active

BetterQuestObjectives.esp Active


Error: The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp is not present or is not active. Skyrim will CTD when loading if this file is active without The Paarthurnax Dilemma

Distant Detail.esp Active

DiversePriests.esp Active


Error: Bring Out Your Dead.esp is not present or is not active. Skyrim will CTD when loading if using this file without it.

Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp Active

WeaponsArmorFixes_GuardDialogueOverhaul_Patch.esp Active

masser Size x0.5.esp Active


Error: NonEssentialChildren.esp is not present or is not active. Skyrim will CTD when loading if this file is active without Kryptolyr's Non-Essential Children

secunda Size x0.5.esp Active


Error: TheChoiceIsYours.esp is not present or is not active. Skyrim will CTD when loading if this file is active without The Choice Is Yours


Error: aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.esp is not present or is not active. Skyrim will CTD when loading if using this file without aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons

AIMP - Antz in my Pantz.esp Active

Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Dungeons.esp Active

Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Major City Exteriors.esp Active

Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Major City Interiors.esp Active

Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Minor Cities and Town Interiors.esp Active

RLO - Major City Exteriors - No Guard Torches.esp Active

ClimatesOfTamriel-Nights-Level-3.esp Active

Beards.esp Active

Brows.esp Active

SPTConsistentOlderPeople.esp Active

Note: If this is not newer than v1.3, update to the latest version.

dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp Active

Note: Ragdolls will conflict with other mods that change the skeleton.nif. Check Custom Skeleton Replacers for compatibly with other skeleton.nif.

DiversePriests_ConsistentOlderPeoplePatch.esp Active

Unique Region Names.esp Active

Bashed Patch, 0.esp Active

Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp Active




During 2F, I also installed Skyrim HD and Serious HD, in that order, using the wiki instructions.  I also have SkyRealism ENB installed.  The pixels persist even when turning off ENB, and when trying out Sharpshooter's ENB instead.  The screenshot above was using Sharpshooters.


While this isn't a huge problem, it's one of those annoying things that once you see it, it is hard to look away.  And those little shiny pixels seem to pop up on that rock texture wherever light hits it (sunlight is particularly nasty).  I am worried that the problem will last through the game, so I wanted to try to fix it now before I start playing again.



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My first guess would be reflection from ENB not setup properly.. but if it persist even after it is disabled then that kinda rules that out.


As I recall there is no such thing with vanilla lighting, hence there must be some sort of texture issue on your end.

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Update: I just did a fresh install of Skyrim, using the STEP guide. The white pixels are there in the totally vanilla game too. Now I'm confused. It's gotta be a CCC issue, right? My drivers are updated and I followed the STEP 1 AMD initial set-up...


I'm tempted to just let it lie, but I'm pretty sure it's going to bug me a lot now that I've noticed it. Is this the way the textures are meant to work?

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Try with only the Official HD texture packs enabled. If you are using MO just move the mod folder from that down to the bottom of your mod list and it will overwrite everything above it.


If it still does it after that then you most likely have some weird setting enabled. Most likely some AA setting I would guess.

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