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Mod Organizer Save Profile Problem





I am new to Mod Organizer, and I get the basic idea of how it works, But I think I am misunderstanding a feature.  Profiles, in particular, in regard to saved games.  When you select a profile, are the specific saved games assigned to each profile supposed to only show up in Skyrim?


Let me illustrate: I created two profiles...     "Vanilla" ,  and  "Project Skyrim"  I selected Vanilla and played for a while.   I noticed after I played a while  there were two characters, a Prisoner, and my character, Bowen, so I figured, "Ok, lets see how this works..."  I turned on "Local Save Games" for both profiles, I used the Transfer saves feature to 'move' Bowen to the Vanilla profile, and Prisoner to the "Project Skyrim" profile.  Now, when I am done, and I change the profile on the main window, the different save games show up under the Saves tab for their profile, as I thought it would work.  Now, when I play Skyrim, There are no saved games.  If I 'move' or 'copy' the profiles back to the "Global Characters" window, they show up, but unless they are there, they do not.


Is this the intended behavior or did I screw this up someplace?  It seemed that I would think it would auto select the saved games based on profile, and that manual moving to a global space wouldn't be required.



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Just wanted to update the situation.


I recently contacted the author of mod organizer about this specific problem, and he stated that the current stable version 12.9 is not working properly in the save profile section.


He recommended me to try the new beta version 0.99.6 which seems to have fixed all of the problems from the previous version. (including the save profile bug)


So anyone having similar problems like myself, install the new beta version and see your problem disappear.


Moderators, you may close this topic as solved. Thanks

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