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Customizable Camera (by Arindel)


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https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/37347/? Apologies if someone posted this before but I could not find a post on it so figured why not. Been using this for a bit, seems like a simple enough mod, allows you to customize your camera in game. Might be handy since you can see the changes in real time as opposed to fiddling with the ini, I found it particularly useful since certain body types and genders take up the camera view in third person differently. not recommending it for anything in particular, just figured I'd post and see what people think ^.^

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Doesn't it break third-person aiming when the camera is adjusted? The description and comments seem to indicate that. It recommends Proper Aiming as a solution to that, but Proper Aiming doesn't work with a number of in-game spells.


Not being able to aim properly in third-person sounds like a good reason to exclude this one from STEP.

Great mod! I just have one problem: When altering the camera settings, it throws off the accuracy of the crosshair to the point where archery is nearly useless in third person. Is there any way to fix this? Does anyone else have the same issue?
The response:
Use my other mod, Proper Aiming. That will fix it if you follow the description carefully.
It would need a second mod pulled into STEP along with it. However, from the Proper Aiming description:
Known issue: it doesn't work with constant spells such as Flames, Sparks or Wall of Flames, etc... The rest of spells works fine!
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