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Saints Row IV - Million Dollar Pack


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I just saw this on Kotaku, WTF?!?!


I can't even begin to guess how someone came up with this, but leave it to the guys at Volition to blow you mind.


This pack has two week long trips, plastic surgery, spy training, hostage rescue something, a flight on Virgin Galactic, a Lamborghini and a Prius. Not sure how they are going to sell a lot of these, but at least its fun to dream.

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If Grid, who was formerly the most expensive collectors edition with the steep price of $125,000, has not been sold since its release. It is very unlikely that anyone would shell out a million dollars for these so called benefits that they couldn't purchase themselves.


The only way I can actually see someone purchasing anything above the $100,000 for a collectors edition, would be the only franchise that actually has the namebrand to make it happen, which is the Grand Theft Auto Series.

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